Sami Kemppainen

I graduated from Jyväskylän Hierojakoulu (Massage Therapist School) as a Certified Massage-/Sports Massage Therapist in the summer of 2020, and from that day on my practice has been open. I have a firm grip when it comes to work, but every session is adjusted to fit the customer. In my work I combine Classic massage, Sports massage, MET-techniques, Trigger points and Fascia massage in order to get pervasive results.

The goal of each session is to relieve and remove pain that has a negative effect on the quality of life.

With each appointment together we assess the background and the possible reasons for the problem and make a plan for the session on which parts of the body to work on. Everyone and every problem is unique, so is the plan for each session.

Everyone is treated as an individual in my practice, I hope you'll arrive just as you are!


Essi Pulkkinen

I graduated as a Certified Massage-/Sports Massage Therapist from Jyväskylän Hierojakoulu (Massage Therapist School) 2020. Since then I have worked with a lot of different people, and faced numerous different muscoloskeletal disorders.

I have a vast sports/hobby background which helps me understand and relate to different pain states of the body. My background comes from ringette, gymnastics and martial arts. The last few years I've spent in the gym have been more or less goal oriented.

I face my customers as individuals which makes every appointment and session different from the other. I welcome you to my practice, just as you are!

In addition to my vocational examination, I've taken a few courses in which I have been able to familiarize myself more deeply with e.g. taking care of pain in the joints of the limbs, fascia treatments, TMJ (temporomandibular joint) and muscles of mastication and also DryNeedling for the triggerpoints.

Additional training

-Manualtherapy further education 2021, Osteopatiakoulu Atlas

-Muscles of mastication and TMJ, 06/2021, Instructor Osteopath Harri Rovio

-Fascia1 - Fascia tools in use 03/2022 Elämäsi Kunnossa Instructor Physiotherapist Tuula Sviili

-DryNeedling 02/2022 (in progress), Terveyspankki Osteopath Juuso Mäkelä